Friday, July 27, 2012


  • Weigh-in: This week was a little rough.  I only put up a 0.8 pound loss this week.
  • Exercise completed: I did The Shred on Monday and Zumba the rest of the week.
  • Splurge/guilty pleasure: Oh boy...well, like I said at last week's weigh-in, it was that time of the month...and apparently I have no self-control when I have my period.  This is the crap food I ate Thursday evening through Saturday: McDonald's - chicken nugget kid's meal, Taco John's - 2 tacos, a crispy chicken burrito, potato oles, and mini sopapilla bites {not all for one meal...I hit up TJ's twice last week}, Papa John's - 2 pieces of a large pizza, Zestos - a soft pretzel, Hyvee - an egg roll, and a big serving of yogurt from CherryBerry with crushed candy bars on top.  So yeah, considering all that, I'm lucky that I lost anything this week.
  • Success story: I got back to better eating habits and tracking on Sunday.  I was going to exercise that day too but I felt like crap {deservingly so}.  Not sure how much of success that is considering my previous 2 1/2 days but I needed to put a stop to it.
  • Recipes/photos: No photos....I'll try to remember to take one for next week!
Time to step it up this week if I'm going to make my goal by August 24!


Nicolle said...

You are so good for exercising!! Congrats on the loss too. That's still good!

Hyvee, yum! ;) I can't wait to go back to Iowa and eat the buffet at Hyvee.

Enjoy your weekend.

Brittney said...

Is it bad I read this post (my time, too) while eating chocolate? And realizing I didn't post MY post? :/ LOL

Lauren from Texas said...

Catching up on posts from when I was on vacation...

a .08 pound loss is still a loss! Good job!

Tonya said...

Hi Nichole! Hadn't checked in for a while - glad to see some new posts. I need to get back to eating better and exercising, too. I think you've got a good thing going here - logging my food and keeping track so I actually SEE all the stuff listed is the only thing that has consistently helped me over the years. There's a site I used called The Daily Plate (actually it's part of now) which is a nice tracking thing or there's tons of phone apps now! I better start again! Haha! Oh, and there's always the "green bean diet"! :P

Frizzy said...

I've never heard of this diet. Do tell! I'm so out of the bloggy loop.