Sunday, March 29, 2015

6 months

I cannot believe that Holden hit the six month mark this month!  I have no idea how time is passing by so quickly.  It's definitely bittersweet to watch your baby grow - it's so hard to see the little baby phase disappear but it is so fun to to venture into each new stage.

Well, sleep hasn't been the greatest around here lately.  It's been a roller coaster of ups and down this month.  Some nights Holden wakes up 3 or 4 times, and some nights he only gets up once.  His naps at home usually range from a half hour to two hours but at daycare he takes a lot of 10-15 minute catnaps.  I'm really hoping that he'll get the hang of naps at daycare soon!

We finally moved Holden out of his Rock N Play cradle this month and into a Pack N Play in our room.  I'm just not ready to move him out of our room....not actually sure when that will happen. :o/

We gave Holden the pacifier back one night when he kept making a sucking sound while he was asleep but restless.  He only gets it while he's sleeping and so far it's working out really well since he is now able to find it and put back in his mouth on his own.

Holden tried a lot of new food during month 5. The only food we found that he really didn't care for were apples and peaches.  He will eat apples if they are mixed with another fruit but he isn't too fond of them alone.  He really likes peas, bananas, and pears.  Holden continued to eat 6 ounces bottles every 3-5 hours this month.

Holden officially outgrew all of his 3-6 month outfits this month.  All of his clothing is 6-9 months or 6-12 months.  Well, we are still stuffing him into his 3-6 month winter coat.  Hopefully cold temperatures will disappear before completely outgrows the coat.

Thankfully, Holden was pretty healthy this month.  He did catch another little cold but it didn't get very bad or take very long to go away.  I weighed him at home at the 6 month mark and got an unofficial weight of 22 pounds.
St. Patrick's Day :o)

-Holden loves to babble and he loves to do it loudly!  He often squeals and yells while he's playing or just jabbering.
-He still loves to play in his jumperoo.
-Holden likes to roll around on the floor and play with his toys.  He's really into his rattle and Sophie giraffe.  He mostly just likes to bang them into the floor.
-He really likes to move around. He's not a sit and cuddle kind of guy.
-Holden likes to listen to music.  He listens to everything from rap to the Lakota Lullaby station on Pandora each night with his daddy.
-He likes to pull on mommy's hair and necklaces, and searches for her necklace when she's not wearing one.
coloring on a snow day from daycare :o)

-Taking naps at daycare.
-Going to sleep.  I can't wait for the day when I can put him down awake and he doesn't cry/fuss himself to sleep.
-Holden doesn't like being handed off to strangers or people he doesn't see often.  Once he's had a chance to check them out from the safety of mom or dad's arms, he's okay with going to them.
checking out the skeleton in mom's classroom

-Holden took his first ride in the font seat of shopping cart this month.  He loved looking around at everything and squealed several times. :o)
-He's getting really good at sitting up unassisted but can't hold onto the pose for more than a minute or two before toppling over.
-Holden got to swing for the first time at the park while visiting his grandma and grandpa in Woonsocket.  He also got to go down a slide with his daddy.
-He got to do some sensory play with a cupcake on his six month birthday.  He didn't get to eat any even though he tried several times to sneak a bite.