Monday, July 16, 2012

weekend recap

My mom came up on Saturday so we could go to the Brookings*Arts Festival together.  Dave acted as our taxi driver so we didn't have to park a mile away and dropped us off a block from the park.  Neither of us bought anything while we were there.  I did see these in one booth and thought about getting them but I think I might be able to make them myself.
Blurry pic since I was trying to hurry.

We both felt like we couldn't look around much since there were so many people around.

That picture actually shows a pretty big break in the crowd for what most of the park was like.  Since it was so crowded and hot, we called Dave less than an hour after he dropped us off to come pick us up.

We all went out together for lunch at a local pizza place.  It was so nice to sit in the air conditioning!

After eating, my mom and I went out to Walmart to look around.  It was pretty dead out there.
I decided to start purchasing school supplies early so it's easier on the budget.  This is what I picked up while there.
I didn't really need a calculator but couldn't pass it up since it's so cute and only a dollar.  Those notebooks were only 88 cents for the pack of 4!  My students go through a ton of glue sticks so I thought I'd stock up on those this year, and you can never have enough Sharpies!  Oh, and I bought that pink box so I can hide my Sharpies from my co-workers. :o)

Later that afternoon, my mom, Dave, and I went to Cherry*Berry.  I got the salted caramel pretzel yogurt with some toppings.
Dave got strawberry with his signature sprinkles and mountain of boboas.

My mom headed back home later that afternoon.  Dave and I just hung out for the rest of the day.

We did very little on Sunday.  Dave visited his brother and I just hung out around home. 

Hope ya all have a great week!  Hopefully I'll start having something to blog about soon besides weekend recaps and the cbdiet!

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Nicolle said...

You can keep blogging weekend recaps and diets, because all I blog lately is swimming and coffee. :)

Are those wooden dice? I love them!

You have to buy your own school supplies? That's a bummer, but you got some really cute stuff.

Your yogurt looks amazing! Yum. You know I would have gotten that exact combo too. I have seen those little round things like Dave has on his, but have never eaten them. Are they liquid filled?

Sorry for all of the questions. :) Hope you have a good night.