Sunday, February 23, 2014

week 9

Baby's size

Your baby has graduated from embryo to fetus—and is now about the size of a cherry. The digestive tract and reproductive organs are formed, but it's still too early for even a skilled technician to tell whether you're having a boy or a girl.
Baby's Length: about .9 in.
Baby's Weight: about .07 oz.
How I am feeling
I still felt pretty good this week.  I had a nasty cold for most of the week, but thankfully it is mostly gone as of today.  I had a lot more nausea toward the end of week 9 also.

What do I miss
Jimmy Johns.  I've craved it pretty much every day this week.  

Gender prediction
I think it's a girl.  I've thought that pretty much since the first week we've known.  Dave thinks it's a boy.  Anytime we discuss names, I have to "remind" Dave that it's a girl because he only offers boy names. ;o)

Food cravings
Pretty much just Jimmy John's at this point....and carbs, lots of carbs.

Food aversions
Anything mint still sounds disgusting.  

Highlights this week  
Making the announcement to my co-workers and on Facebook.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

baby catch up

January 14, 2014
For some reason I decided to take a pregnancy test before getting ready for work.  We just started trying to conceive last month and I was pretty sure I had menstrual cramps but I decided to give it a go.  So I got the test out and did my thing and then started getting ready for work.  I glanced over at the test (I didn't have my glasses on) and noticed there was just one line.  I was kind of like, "eh, I was expecting that."  So I picked it up to throw it away and as I looked a little closer, I noticed there was a faint, second line.  So I quickly got another test out and got the same result.

All I could think was "holy crap, is this really real?!"  Dave was already at work so I was left to my thoughts alone as I finished getting ready for work.  It was pretty much all I could think of at work and I kept thinking "was that line really there?" So, I headed out to Walmart after work to get a test that tells you straight out either "pregnant" or "not pregnant".  I came home and took it and got the same result.

I had to wait another hour and a half before Dave got home from work.  I was trying to think of a fun way to tell him but didn't come up with anything.  When he got home, I told him I had something to show him and handed him the test.  He was so surprised that he didn't really know what to say.

January 15
I called to schedule my first OB appointments.  I don't know either doctor at the clinic in town so I chose the female doctor.  I would have liked to have asked around first but since we aren't telling anyone yet that wasn't really a possibility.  Nurse consult is scheduled for Feb. 5 and doctor/ultrasound scheduled for Feb. 14.  Seems like a long time away but I'm sure the time will pass quickly.

February 5
Met our doctor's nurse, Cindy.  We went over my health history and she gave us a binder with information (medications that are ok, food to avoid, etc.).  I was then sent to the lab for my blood draw and urine sample.  I was a little nervous about the blood draw because my veins do not like to cooperate and it usually hurts quite a bit while they are digging for a vein.  Today wasn't too bad though....only two pokes to get a vein.

February 6
Received a voice mail while at work to call the clinic.  Cue panic.  I was on hold for about 3 or 4 minutes, but it felt like 10.  I had all kinds of scenarios running through my head, none of which had a positive outcome.  The nurse finally picked up and said that my thyroid level was at a 3.2 and the doctor wants it around 2.5 when pregnant.  Having a high level can cause miscarriage or preterm labor down the road. So, they had called in a prescription for me to start.  I will have to have another blood draw in four weeks to make sure the level is going down.  So, not necessarily bad news but it just stinks to come out of my first appointment and already have something wrong.  Came home after school and cried.

February 7-11
Came home from school Friday afternoon feeling pretty tired and just not well.  Ate some fruit for supper and went to bed around 7:30.  Woke up Saturday morning with the stomach flu.  Ugh, horrible stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting.  Felt absolutely terrible all day.  Thankfully, the vomiting part only lasted through Saturday but I didn't feel better until Tuesday evening.  I was worried how it would affect the baby but everything I read online said it doesn't usually hurt the baby.

February 14
Had our second appointment at 3:30 today.  We met the doctor, who seems very nice.  She talked to us for awhile about my health history and pregnancy info.  She then did an exam and then we got to move to the room next door for the ultrasound.  I thought I would be really emotional when we first got to see the baby. But, it took her awhile to get a good view of it and I was getting anxious so I was just so relieved to see it and the heartbeat that I guess it was just more of a sigh of relief.  Dave did get a little teary-eyed though. :o)

February 15-16
We spent the weekend traveling to tell our families the news.  It was so fun to see everyone's reactions.  We gave a copy of the above picture to some family and gave out these little candy bags to other family and friends.

How I've been feeling....
I've been very lucky so far and have been feeling very well.  I've had some pretty bad nausea here and there but no real "sickness" *knock on wood*.  And, as long as I eat every couple hours, I'm pretty much able to avoid the nausea.

 I'm in bed every night by 9 at the latest and fall asleep shortly after.  I get up every night to pee anywhere between 10 and 3.  Some nights I can lie down and go right back to sleep and other nights I feel nauseous so I get back up and eat some saltines.  

I haven't really had any problems with food except that sometimes everything sounds disgusting.  Oh, and I crave Mexican food pretty much every day but am staying away from it because I always get acid re-flux after eating it.  I have a major aversion to anything mint right now which stinks because that is what I used the first few weeks to help me through the nausea.

So....super long post but that brings us up-to-date. :o)


We will soon be a family of three.

Baby Lanning due September 24, 2014.