Monday, October 28, 2013


Well I haven't been very good about updating around here {no surprise there} so I'm just going to lump everything into one post.

A couple weeks ago, my mom, aunt, cousin, and I went on a girl's weekend.  We spent two nights at a casino resort and did a little gambling while we were there. I've never really been a gambler, and have actually only played on the machines twice before this trip.  I've never thought it was very fun to sit at a machine and watch your money disappear, but it was pretty fun when I won this at a penny machine.

Last weekend Dave and I went to Palisades State Park to look at the fall colors.  While there wasn't a very strong fall showing, the scenery was still pretty.

I went to my mom's this past weekend.  We worked on a couple projects and did a little shopping while I was home.  We went to a store that is a little piece of Christmas heaven.  The lady who owns it sets up over 50 trees in the store. Love!

Being in there gave me the Christmas itch even more! Only one more month 'til the Christmas decorations come out!