Friday, November 30, 2012

stuff i loved this week

  • This story.... about the police officer that bought shoes and socks for a homeless man.
  • Christmas music.... a local radio station plays Christmas music 24/7 starting the day after Thanksgiving. Love it!
  • 4 pm Friday was a long week and I was so glad to be finished with the work week.
  • this video....I had tears from laughter while watching this.  Not sure if I just needed a good laugh after this long week or if it really was that funny but I enjoyed it.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 26, 2012

weekend recap

Well, more of a quick recap from Wednesday-Sunday...

I pulled out our Christmas decorations out on Wednesday since we had the day off.  I will do a post later of everything but here's a little peak at our tree.

We spent Thanksgiving in Sioux Falls celebrating with my Smith family.

The only Black Friday shopping I did this year was a quick run out to Walmart around 7:30 am to see what was left.  I left with a mini crockpot that I'd been wanting but everything else was gone.  We had Tony, Jackie, Sarah, and Conor over for another Thanksgiving dinner later that day.

We headed back to Sioux Falls on Saturday to attend my Grandma Smith's 100th birthday celebration.  I plan to do a full post on this once I get some pictures. I forgot my camera at home so all I have are a couple phone pics.

We hung out around home on Sunday and relaxed.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


My Grandma Hoxsie passed away early this morning.  My emotions are so conflicted right now. I am so incredibly sad that she is gone. But, I am so happy that she has been reunited with my grandpa and other family members.

I adored my grandma.  She was funny, feisty, and you really never knew what might come out of her mouth.  During one visit with her not too long after Dave and I were married, she told me that even though we weren't ready to get pregnant, we should still "practice" a lot.  Not something you really expect to hear from your grandma, yet not totally unexpected from mine.

I get my love of Christmas from my grandma.  She hosted our family Christmases every year.  She baked tons of cookies, pies, and other treats and decorated every square inch of her house.  I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas at her house.

A couple of traits I didn't inherit from her are her gift for gab and her toughness.  I'm usually pretty quiet while she could talk to anyone, anywhere.  She was a strong lady and often lovingly told me to "tough it out" when I was upset about something.

I feel like I could type forever and still not be able to truly convey how wonderful she was and how much I loved her.

I love you grandma. Thanks for all the happy memories.