Monday, July 9, 2012

weekend recap

  • Saturday started out with a trip to Sioux Falls with Jackie & Sarah (SIL & niece) to go to a big sale at Plato's*Closet.  This was the line waiting to get in the store...
....Guess who else showed up?  The paramedics and the fire marshall.  Apparently someone had a seziure while in the store and the store had way too many people in it.  It was like a mini Black Friday.
  • Dave went to Conor's baseball game that afternoon but I stayed home.
  • We went out for supper with my BIL's family.
  • Nothing too exciting happened.  We did some grocery shopping.  Dave did some laundry.
  • Oh and this... a picture of Dave's cell phone in a bowl of rice.  Not only did he throw the bedding in the washing machine, but he threw his phone in too.  Grrr...seriously.  I realize it was an honest mistake, but he is so hard on phones.  Between him and my brother, I'm not sure who is worse.

That was pretty much it for our weekend.  Hope you all had a good one and have a great week!

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Nicolle said...

We did grocery shopping and tons of laundry this weekend, along with furniture shopping. I was SO mentally done. :)

That is a crazy line to get into that store. wow. Did you get anything good?

I put my phone into a cup of water once and was so mad at myself. After a few days, it worked perfectly again. I didn't even know about the rice trick until much later. I hope his phone is ok. I did drop my car keys in a public toilet the other day, and almost gagged reaching in to get them. :))