Friday, July 20, 2012

children's museum

My friend, Tasha, brought her kids to town yesterday to play at the Children's Museum.  I hadn't been to the museum yet so I was excited to check it out too.  It was built in the school that I worked at my first year with the district so it was fun to look around and remember what different spaces used to be.

Our first stop was the outdoor campus to see Mama.

It was hot so we headed back inside and shopped at the grocery store for awhile.

They spent quite a bit of time in the grocery store.  Some other activities they enjoyed were water play, painting, and the spinning sand art.

I enjoyed the various sayings and murals painted on the walls.  Some of my favorites...

It was a good time but I tell ya, I was so ready to go by the time we were heading out.  I was amazed by how some parents just looked at this place as a free-for-all for their kids.  Some of the kid's behavior was horrible and the parents were either not around or just looked the other way.  Tasha had to talk to one little boy who was chucking chunks of wood towards her youngest daughter because his grandparents were totally oblivious of what he was doing.  Overall it was a good day though and it was great to spend time with Tasha and her kids.

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Nicolle said...

Probably my biggest pet peeve is when parents are oblivious and are no where around. I try not to hover too much over Boyd, but I always have my eye on him and I will snatch him up if he's misbehaving. :) So, I totally know what you are saying.

Looks like a fun place and I love Mama! Boyd would love that dinosaur too. Those little grocery stores are always so much fun. The sayings you photographed are great too.

Enjoy your weekend!