Monday, August 1, 2011


Woo hoo it's August!  Finally!  :o)

Some things I'm looking forward to this month:
  • soooo excited to see this movie!!

  • watching this show again
  • Ok, I fully admit I watch a lot of stupid TV.  This show probably wins the award for the stupidest though.  What can I say?  Its stupidity sucked me in. 
  • heading to Yankton to watch my husband run in a 5k and do some shopping at the arts/crafts show (in the air conditioned much better than outside!)
  • attending my cousin's wedding
  • school starting!  I'm a little nervous because I have to teach a class this year that I've never taught before {language arts}...could be interesting!  :/
  • getting a little closer to fall!!  Fall makes me happy  :o)


Nicolle said...

Yay for fall being right around the corner.

I do watch a ton of trashy TV. I just can't get into Jersey Shore so much, but I have watched an episode or two. :))

I'd love to see The Help. I am not sure if Kevin wants to see it. Maybe I can sneak away one day and watch it.

have a good night!

Amy said...

I love Jersey Shore!

School just finished! Ugh!

Joanna said...

Jersey Shore is one show that I can't stand. But then again I make up for it for other stupid/reality shows. :)

School...20 more days for us until we start. I'm ready for that pay check again, but I'm not ready to work for it. :) I do love my job though once we get back into the swing of things.

Fall...I can't wait!