Thursday, August 11, 2011


Towards the end of May I planted a bunch of zinnia seeds.  I picked up a few different types of seed this year, some I've never planted before. 

I think I might have planted too many seeds in too small of an area because they aren't doing much.  I cut over three fourths of what's open and this is all I've got

the Giant Cactus (so far this is the only one I've gotten to bloom of this variety)

Violet Queen

Lilliput (these are cute, tiny flowers)

I think these are suppose to be Enchantress though they don't look like the picture on the package at all..

I think these are Purity though they don't look like the package either (just not as full of a flower)...

Anyway, that's pretty much what has bloomed so far.  I'm hoping more of the Giant Cactus will open...I think those are pretty fun!

I would show ya all the flowers on our patio too but my petunias look like crap.  They are all spindly and my sweet potato vine is being eaten like crazy by some kind of bug out there. 

That's ok though...I'm ready to move on to fall decor  ;o)

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Nicolle said...

I'm ready for fall stuff too! sigh.

I love your zinnias though. They are so very pretty. I love your lamp, and that first photo looks like it belongs in a magazine. :)