Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

We spent this past weekend in Yankton.  Dave ran the 5k Saturday morning.

Just starting out (Dave's in the red with the yellow hat, his friend James is next to him in blue)

Crossing the finish line

This was the fourth 5K Dave has ran.  He finished with his best time yet,  27:59.

After the race

How awesome is this lady who also competed in the 5K?!

We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with the family.  :o)


Frizzy said...

Tried to leave a comment before but my computer's a mess this week.

So proud of your hubby! Hugs to you my friend. How are thing?

Nicolle said...

Tell Dave that is so cool, way to go. He is inspiring! Love the shots you got. Yes, the lady in the last photo is awesome. :))