Friday, October 10, 2008

My Husband Rocks!

Earlier this week I posted a picture of the cake I made for my husband's birthday last weekend. I thought I would share the 28 reasons we all love David. So here are...

27 Reasons We Love David
(and one to grow on)
1. Eats donuts. -Sarah & Conor
2. His absolute loyalty to the people he loves. -Annie
3. He is a kind and good man. -Mom
4. The way that David always supports me. -Dad
5. Football. -Sarah & Conor
6. He is the kind of uncle I want for my kids. -Tony
7. He has far surpassed any expectations I had for a husband. -Me
8. He's a great brother-in-law and we love having him live in Brookings. -Jackie
9. The way he always fixed my hair when he was a little guy. -Shawna
10. His musical talent. -Brian
11. He appreciates people for their quirks and not in spite of them. -Tony
12. He can "name that tune" with one note when I can't think of a song that's stuck in my head. -Jackie
13. He's constantly working to improve himself. -Me
14. Wears flip flops. -Sarah & Conor
15. He keeps our daughter happy. -Cheryl & Don
16. His casino jacket. - Annie
17. I can listen to and appreciate music, but he can make it. -Tony
18. Shaved head. -Sarah & Conor
19. He's not afraid to act silly to make me laugh. -Me
20. He's the little brother I never had. -Brian
21. He can tease anyone in his family is such a way to make them both laugh. -Tony
22. I love David's choice of a spouse. - Dad
23. Works at Papa John's. -Sarah & Conor
24. Because his heart is as big as his head. -Shawna
25. He tells great stories that crack me up. -Jackie
26. He's my little brother, and even more he is a good guy. -Tony
27. He wears his heart on his sleeve. -Me
28. The way he won't stay matter what, David will ALWAYS get up and keep going. He is an inspiration to me over and over again. -Mom

So as you can see, my husband rocks for many reasons.

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Frizzy and Bird said...

Cool new background! Thanks for sharing.

Katy Lin :) said...

awesome list! hope you guys had a great weekend! :)