Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. He turned 27, so I thought I'd share a list of 27 randoms about David. (I made this list before I did the husband quiz so a few of these are repeats from the list, sorry!).

1. He has blue-green eyes. The color really depends on what color shirt he's wearing.
2. He loves Notre Dame.
3. When he was little, he wanted to be a fireman.
4. His favorite restaurant is HuHot.
5. He enjoys reading.
6. He likes doing silly things to make me laugh.
7. His favorite color is clear.
8. He's very into hypnotherapy and will soon start courses to become a hypnotherapist.
9. His favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Peach Cobbler.
10. If you ask him what his favorite food is, he'll tell you "meat".
11. He plays guitar.
12. He cleans well.
13. He wears size 13 shoes.
14. His favorite writer is Jack Kerouac.
15. He once met Jimmie Vaughn and got his autograph. He was very excited!
16. He has a hard time receiving gifts.
17. He doesn't judge or criticize people.
18. He's a hard worker.
19. He's going to be a wonderful father someday.
20. He's a great writer.
21. He's very romantic.
22. He's very proud of his Irish heritage.
23. He likes watching movies.
24. He once had shoulder length hair (before I knew him).
25. He looks a lot like his dad.
26. He is very close with his family.
27. He's a wonderful husband and my best friend.

Happy Birthday David! I love you!!

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Frizzy and Bird said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you! Have a wonderful day. Can't wait to hear what my name twin has in store for you and your big day.