Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Recap

Yesterday morning David and I watched our nephew's football game for a bit before David went to work. Once Dave had left for work, I got to work on our laundry mountain. I did laundry for four hours (yuck!). Once it was all clean and put away, I decided to go to the local Gardens to look around. These are my favorite pictures from my visit.
(Wish I would have moved that red towel.)
Last night we went to Applebee's for supper. I think we had the worst (and slowest) waitress in the whole place. We didn't eat until 9 last night so it wasn't like it was busy. And we had an extremely annoying guy behind us. Otherwise it was ok.
I went grocery shopping early today so now I'm just going to be lazy for the rest of the day and wait for Dave to get home.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Frizzy and Bird said...

You need to blow a few of these up and have them matted and framed or do it yourself. GORGEOUS! They would be fun pics to put up in different seasons of the year. You have a good eye!