Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Recap

Dave has been working all weekend so I've been trying to find ways to keep myself busy. I went to Goodwill after school on Friday. I didn't find anything too exciting but I did find this garden cart type thingy for $1.I spray painted it black then added some Spanish moss and pumpkins and here's how it looks now.
Sorry about the dark picture.

I went to a church rummage sale yesterday and scored these two items.
The sleigh is 12 inches long, and it was only 25 cents! I also got a brand new wedding memories book for $2. Now I need to get to work on that.

My parents came up yesterday to attend SDSU's football game. They came up early so my mom and I did a little shopping together, but didn't end up buying anything. We met back up with my dad and we all went out to lunch together.
That's about all I've done this weekend besides some cleaning and grocery shopping. Embarrassing tidbit: I vacuumed my carpet differently yesterday and it left the best vacuum lines! Loved it so much that I vacuumed again this morning. Anyone else love those lines (I know my name twin does :o) )?
**Check out Brittney at My Scentsations. She's hosting a giveaway for a Scentsy plug-in & scent. I love Scentsy!!


Brandi said...

cute finds!!

i wanted to come by and thank you for your sweet post and prayers!

Bug said...

From what I have seen on your blog so far...I love your crafty ideas! I am amazed at your wonderful and 'inexpensive' treasure finds! I wish I had the creative mind to see the potential that you see in things!

I found your blog through my friends blog. I would love to add yours to my blog list. I have to keep an eye on your wonderful ideas! I think I just might have to try the rag-garland! Love it!

Frizzy and Bird said...

I love the vacuum lines. Just read my blog on my 13 Quirks. That one is right up there along with many of my other neurotic tendencies. Love your craft projects. How do you find such great deals then make them so pretty? My BFF is Bug. Her house is so cute as she has beautiful collections of Longaberger baskets, quilts and candles everywhere! We woul all have such fun together!

~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

Fun find! Way cute re-vamp! Thanks for entering the contest, feel free to check the site each month for a new give-away and let me know when you need to order again!

Good Luck!

Briana said...

Thanks for visiting me at BATW!! I love what you scored at goodwill! That looks awesome! You have great ideas. I wish I were creative like that!