Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We made it out to the pumpkin patch today! Picking pumpkins is one of my favorite things to do in the fall. Here's my husband lugging our HUGE pumpkin back to the car.

He weighed it when we got home. 74 pounds!! We also picked up some smaller pumpkins and some gourds. I forgot to get corn, so now I'm on the hunt for Indian corn. I played around with everything when we got home. I rearranged a few times as you can see.

I don't really like the arrangement now, but I got tired of my neighbors looking at me like I'm nuts. What? Doesn't everyone take pictures of their pumpkins, move them 2 inches, then take another picture? I'll probably be back out there tomorrow playing with them again, trying to get it to look better. I'm thinking I need a smallish scarecrow to put on the table maybe?? Any suggestions?

Oh, and for my mums. I bought a pot on Sunday. I picked a plant with really deep red flowers. I think I killed it already. Here's how it looks now.
You can see a little of the red color in the flower I'm holding. It's the only flower on the whole plant with any color left. Hopefully it comes back now that it's outside and will get more sun. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Frizzy and Bird said...

Beautiful no matter how you place them. Susie will know what to do with your mums. Check her out on my blog roll if she's not already on yours. Your hubby looks so manly carrying that huge pumpkin. You are a lucky gal!

Imperfect said...

Love the pumpkins! I can't wait until they start to show up around here. Hubby and I have way too much fun carving them...the goopy insides are fun to play with! I like how you decorated with them too!