Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Husband Rocks!

The other day I read the following post at Heaven's Gift.

.........I'm doing a little home school project with my kids. We want to build a small Holocaust memorial in our front yard, so that my kids can remember all the Jews/People that lost their lives. We are asking people to send us “stars.” Any kind of star, made from anything you wish. These stars will symbolize the lights that went out due to the Holocaust.If you are interested in doing this please let me know........

I decided that I would like to participate and started thinking how I would like to create my star. A little later I told Dave what I was doing as I dug through our office for some supplies. He immediately said that he would like to help out too and make his own star. I thought it was really neat that he wanted to help this family with their school project. Just another reason why my husband rocks!

If you want to participate in, or read more about My Husband Rocks!, visit Katy Lin over at the great adventure.

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Elise said...

Ok, your husband ROCKS!! My would be like, "What are you doing that for? How much did it set us back?" He rocks too, just in his own awesome ways that don't involve power tools!!