Friday, August 22, 2008


My pumpkins were featured on Lemon Annie's blog today, YAY!  I found her blog this past week and am in love with it!  She has so many fun projects and ideas on there.  Head over and check her out!
PS - I'll be back later today for My Husband Rocks!


Nichole and Scott said...
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Nichole and Scott said...

I'm trying again. Sorry to delete the first one. Sometimes, I get confused is all.

Very nice! You're gettin all kinds of comment love these days. Good for you! Can you see the green in my envious eyes? ;)You deserve it all with the hard work you've been putting in. I'm waiting for my own inspiration so I too can post a craft or mistreatments or something. So far...I got nothin.

Jo-Jo said...

I scrolled down and saw some pics of your pumpkins....I love them! My b-day is on Halloween, needless to say I love me some pumpkins!