Friday, August 8, 2008

Today I helped out at my friend Joy's daycare.  Her and her family left today for vacation, so I helped for a few hours today and will go back tomorrow to give a lunch break.  It was fun to work with young children again.  It's been a full year now since I worked at Children's First Step, so it was fun to get to hang out with the little ones.
Here are my Goodwill finds that I mentioned yesterday.
I carried this around with me for awhile before I actually decided to buy it.  I couldn't figure out what I'd do with it, but I couldn't leave it there for $1.

It didn't take me long to decide what to do with it once I got it home.  I made bottoms for each "shelf" by covering cardboard with some fabric that I had on hand.
Now we have a place to put our bread and the fruit that doesn't go in the fridge.
I also bought these:
They still have the store tags on them.  Couldn't pass them up either.  I'll show them again once I get them painted.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Nicole said...

Hey Nichole, thanks for stopping by my blog. The put the knobs in the walls I had to buy a special kind of screw called a hanger bolt. I bought mine at Lowes and the size is 8-32X1 what ever that means. You screw one end into the knob and then the sharp point end you screw into the wall, does that make any sense? You blog is darling, you have a lot of fun ideas. I love the shelf you redid with you wedding pictures.

twintoo10292 said...

Hi-just found your blog. Your wrought iron piece you found reminds me of one I purchased from Longaberger. I have wooden shelving on mine. If you go to their site you could see how they look. Some day maybe you could have hubby make you wood shelves to fit or if you know the size sometimes at craft shows someone will have a booth. Also there is alot of longaberger on ebay. I have my telephone on one shelf in my kitchen. Twin