Wednesday, September 26, 2012

weekend recap

We made it out to the pumpkin field Saturday morning.

As always, Dave picked one of the biggest pumpkins in the field.

The weather was awesome and I was having fun taking a few pictures until I spotted a badger hole.  Yeahhh... I pretty much just picked out my pumpkins as fast as I could and then got the heck out of there.

I was going to take some picture of the pumpkins on our deck, but my mums are dying quickly so not sure if I'll get to that or not.

We went to the Special Olympics softball tournament that afternoon to watch a two of my current and two of my former students play.

We had planned to go to a movie that night but we decided to go out for supper and then hang out at home.

Sunday was just a laid back day of football watching and hanging out around home.

Hope you're all have a great week.  Two more days til the weekend! I can't wait...I'm wiped out this week.

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Nicolle said...

Those pumpkins are huge, and would cost an arm and a leg here! I love that one that Dave is carrying. I bet you had fun at the Special Olympics tournament, and I'm sure your students loved seeing you there. I'm glad your weather has been nice.

Sorry you are wiped out! Is it a bad week, or just a long one for you? I hope you get lots of rest this weekend.