Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm gonna be a cryer....

I've mentioned before that I'm not a public cryer.  I don't know why, I just hate crying in front of people.  Keep that in mind as you read this post. 
Yesterday I was in a 4th grade music class and got to listen in as they practiced for honor choir auditions.  Every kid in the class had the option to sit out if they didn't want to get up in front of the class to sing.  The music teacher went through the list of kids and 2 of my kids had already opted out.  She got to the name of my third child (I'm teaching a group of 3 this year) and asked if she wanted to try the song.  I was quite surprised when the girl said yes and walked up in front of her whole class.  The teacher ran her through a few warm ups then started to play the audition song (My Country Tis of Thee).  I was shocked by her beautiful voice.  I would say that out of the 12 or so kids that tried, she was one of the top two.  I was SO proud of her for just getting up there in front of everyone and even more proud when everyone clapped for her when she was finished.  I had to grab a kleenex and pretend to go blow my nose in the corner because I fighting back tears.....makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it now.

I love the kids I teach, I really do.  But, I am somewhat concerned about the emotions they spark in me.  If I get all teary watching them, what's it going to be like when I watch my own (future)  children?  I better get used to the thought now because I'm definitely going to be a cryer.  :o)

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Nicolle said...

Awww, Nichole, that is so sweet. I would have cried too. I bet you were so proud of her!

Let me tell you, yes, you will be a cryer when you have your own kids. You will cry at big and small things, happy and sad things. I mean, I cried straight for the first 2 years, and still do often. It's a crazy thing for sure! :))