Sunday, July 20, 2014

week 30

Baby’s size
Your baby is the size of a large cabbage. She has cycles of sleeping and waking. After 30 to 90 minutes of snoozing, she may give you a kick to let you know she's awake.
Baby's Length: 15.71 in.
Baby's Weight: 2.91 lbs.

How I am feeling
Not my best week.  Mentally, I had a lot of ups and downs this past week.  No idea why this week was so much rougher but hopefully next week is better.  I felt crappy pretty most all day yesterday.  When I got out of bed, my stomach muscles were really sore in my lower belly and my stomach was really bloated feeling all day.  I felt like the baby gained 10 pounds overnight.  I even got the scale out to check if I had put on a bunch of weight, but no gain.  I told Dave that if I felt that bad for the next two months, it was going to be a long road.  Today hasn't been so bad, thankfully.

What do I miss
sleeping comfortably, not having to run to the bathroom every time I sneeze, not choking on my spit all the time


Food cravings/aversions
No real craving or aversions this week.

Highlights this week
 *Not necessarily a highlight, but we attended a breastfeeding class Thursday night.  I didn't learn a whole lot of new information but it wasn't totally pointless either.  I did wish that the lactation consultant that was there had more "real world" points to offer than just "in a perfect world" situations.  For example, I asked a question about how many times I should expect to pump once I return to work and she answered with "it'd be best to stay home for 12 weeks."  Hmm...I wish, but can't make that happen.  In any case, I'd be returning to work so can you just answer my question, please?  She eventually answered, but not with a realistic answer considering my job.  I left feeling very happy that I'm not just a young, dumb girl having a baby though.  Wow.
*We bought a mattress for the crib today.  One more thing to check off the list.

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Nicolle said...

I'm so sorry you've had a rough week! I hate that I haven't checked in on you lately. Pregnancy causes so many emotions! I don't have any good answers about breastfeeding because I had issues and only did it for about a week. :/ I'm glad you got the mattress! It's good to check things off of your list. Hope that you are feeling much better! xo