Sunday, July 6, 2014

week 28

Baby’s size
Your baby is the size of a kabocha squash, and she is beginning to open her eyes and blink.
Baby's Length: 14.80 in.
Baby's Weight: 2.22 lbs

How I am feeling
Well.....physically about the same.  I feel like my belly has grown quite a bit this week.  

I had a little breakdown on Thursday.  I went in for my glucose testing and my doctor wouldn't let me pass.  She requires a score of under 135 to pass and my level came back at 134.  Apparently 134 isn't under 135.  So, I had to schedule a 3 hour glucose test (will have done tomorrow, Monday, July 7) and to say I shed a few tears would be an understatement.  Half of them because I was pissed off and the other half because I'm scared to have my blood drawn 4 times in 3 hours (blood draws are not easy for me as my veins do not cooperate).  Right now I feel pretty ok about it and am just praying/hoping like crazy that I pass this one.

What do I miss
Not groaning every time I sit down or stand up, especially getting in and out of a car.  I notice myself doing this more and more. :o/


Food cravings/aversions
Well, today all I can think about is CherryBerry.  I think everyone I follow on Instagram and am friends with on Facebook posted about their frozen yogurt today.  Pretty sure I wouldn't want it at all if I were able to head out and get some (really hoping to pass that test tomorrow so I'm staying away from it).

Highlights this week 
*Well, one highlight from my doctor appointment was that my blood pressure is still holding strong.  At least there are no worries there for the time being.
*My thyroid level was good too.  So, I don't have to be tested for that again until after baby arrives.  
*The 4th of July was pretty awesome.  We spent it with Dave's parents and cousins.  The weather was amazing, which was especially great since we spent a few hours at Dave's cousin's softball tournament.

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