Sunday, July 13, 2014

week 29

Baby’s size
Your baby is the size of a large butternut squash. His skin is still wrinkly, but as fat accumulates, he will fill out.
Baby's Length: 15.2 in.
Baby's Weight: 2.54 lbs.

How I am feeling
This week was good.  I had some zinger pains go through the middle of my groin area on Friday that were new.  They were quick but made me double over and grab something whenever they'd hit.  So that was fun.  :o/  This morning Dave and I were grocery shopping and baby decided to give me a few hits or kicks to the bladder.  I seriously thought I was going to pee my pants in the middle of the store a few times.  Otherwise, things are good.  

What do I miss
Eating lunch meat....makes summertime meals so much easier when you can just make a sandwich!  


Food cravings/aversions
I've been craving Dr. Pepper lately.  I've been staying away from caffeine since getting pregnant, but did go get a can of Dr. Pepper today.  I had one last weekend too.  I figure one a week is probably ok.  Dr. Pepper is not something I normally enjoy but they taste so good right now!

Highlights this week 
*Passing my 3 hour glucose test!  Woohoo!!  It took two days to get my results due to my doctor and her nurse being out of the office.  It was a long two days waiting to find out what was going on.  The nurse said my fasting level was really good and the 3 draws after drinking the glucose drink were good too.  I was so relieved!
*I had my first dream with the baby in it.  The baby was a girl but at least it was human.  In all the dreams I've had up to this point (mainly in the first trimester), the baby has always been a puppy.  Usually a puppy that I'd neglected because I forgot I had it.  
*I did a little more sewing this week.  I made a pillow for the chair in the nursery.  It took quite awhile but it turned out just like I'd hoped it would.  I also made a changing pad cover that was super simple.  Just hoping that it actually fits the changing pad since I haven't bought it yet (I did look up the measurements on-line though).  I bought some cloth diapers to use for burp cloths last weekend so I embellished them a little too so they are cuter.  I felt pretty productive this week. :o)


Nicolle said...
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Nicolle said...

I know the waiting was killer, but I am SO happy that you passed the glucose test! YAY!