Sunday, June 22, 2014

week 26

Baby’s size
Your baby is nearly as long as a zucchini. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are well-defined; plus, she has more hair on her head this week.
Baby's Length: 14.02 in.
Baby's Weight: 1.68 lb.

How I am feeling
Most of this week was pretty good but I got hit with a stomach bug Thursday evening that lasted all day Friday.  Ugh, it was rough.  This was the second round of stomach flu that this little guy has rode out with me.

What do I miss
Things are definitely getting harder to do.  Simple tasks are harder...nothing major but I feel myself slowing down a bit already. 

Gender prediction
Boy :o)

Food cravings/aversions
That watermelon that was so good last week now sounds disgusting.  Probably because it was the last thing I ate the other day before I got sick.  Rainbow chip frosting has been sounding amazing lately so I looked for some while we were at the store today and I couldn't find any.  I have to head to Walmart tomorrow and you can bet I'll be looking for it while I'm there.

Highlights this week 
*We got a letter in the mail stating that our anatomy scan measurements were in the normal range.
*The crib arrived earlier this week.  Dave has plans to put it together the end of this coming week.
*Dave got the curtain rod hung today so we were able to hang the curtains. Love them!

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Nicolle said...

What a relief to get the letter about the anatomy scan. I hope you were able to breathe a sigh of relief. All of those little stepping stones during pregnancy are a blessing! I'm sorry you had the stomach bug. That is rough! Hope you've had a restful weekend. xo