Sunday, June 15, 2014

week 25

Baby’s size
Your baby is the size of an acorn squash. He's developing a firm grasp and may reach out and grab the umbilical cord. He can also stick out his tongue!


How I am feeling
Good, tired.  I had some nausea sneak back in this week in the mornings when I'd wake up.  

What do I miss
Still just miss being able to sleep comfortably.


Food cravings/aversions
Not so much of a craving, but I'm loving watermelon.  I'm glad the ones in the store finally taste good but I can't wait until the melons back home are ready.  Nothing better than a Forestburg melon.

Highlights this week 
*I got the dresser done.  What a project that turned out to be.  So glad to be finished with it.
*My mom came up Friday afternoon and spent the night with us.  We went to Sioux Falls Saturday to do a little shopping.
*We had our follow-up anatomy scan Friday afternoon.  The baby didn't cooperate the first time around so we had to go back to get some pictures that the tech wasn't able to get.  We still didn't get to see a 3D image of his face though. :o(  He had his hands and feet up by his face, which is the same thing he did the first time, so we weren't able to get a good look at him.  We do go back for another scan in August (due to my overactive thyroid) so maybe we'll get a look then.
*We ordered the crib.
*Dave cleaned the carpet and washed the walls in the nursery.  Woohoo!  I can officially start decorating in there once the carpet is dry.  So excited to finally get a start!

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Nicolle said...

oh yay, tell me more about the crib! I want pictures. :)

You know what, Boyd never ever cooperated either, so that just means you're going to have an active, fiesty boy. Which makes life extra fun. Boys are so cool!