Sunday, March 16, 2014

week 12

Baby’s size

Your baby is almost three inches long now, about the size of a passion fruit. Fingernails, toenails, and bones are forming, and a fine layer of hair covers most of her body.
Baby's Length: 2.13 in.
Baby's Weight: 0.49 oz.
How I am feeling
I had several days this week where I had very little nausea, which was awesome.  I had a scary moment this past week though too.  As we were leaving my uncle's service at the cemetery, I started having some low, sharp cramping.  It had us both pretty worried but thankfully they went away after about an hour and no other symptoms accompanied the cramps.

What do I miss
Nothing much at this point.

Gender prediction
Dave - boy.  Me - leaning back towards girl this week

Food cravings
I don't think I had any cravings this past week.

Food aversions
Everything, sort of.  Pretty much all week I would get my food ready for a meal and as I would sit down to eat I would think "this looks disgusting, there is no way I can eat this".  But, I was always able to eat so apparently it was just a visual aversion more than anything.

Highlights this week 
*I had my 12 week doctor appointment on Friday.  I was able to hear the baby's heart beat again, which was at 150 bpm.
*We have agreed on a boy's name.  Well, the first name anyway.  We haven't discussed any middle names yet.
*Not feeling pukey all the time.

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Nicolle said...

I'm glad your stomach has settled a little bit, but I'm sorry you had that scare. There are so many joys of being pregnant, yet it's hard at the same time. The baby is growing! I love the visuals with the fruit. :)