Sunday, March 9, 2014

week 11

Baby’s size

Your baby is about the size of a Brussels sprout. From now through week 20 of your pregnancy, he'll increase 30-fold in weight and triple in length.
Baby's Length: 1.61 in.
Baby's Weight: 0.25 oz.
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How I am feeling
Well, the morning sickness eased up a bit at the end of this week and I thought maybe my energy level was coming back up too.  After school on Friday, I had enough energy to do a little shopping at Walmart and get a few things cleaned up around here.  But, I've been super tired all weekend again so maybe not.

What do I miss
Sleeping through the night.  I get up at least once every night to pee and some nights I have a hard time going back to sleep because of nausea and/or hunger pains.  I realize this is just the beginning of losing sleep at night though.

Gender prediction
Dave - boy    Me - no strong feeling though I have been leaning more towards boy this week

Food cravings
I didn't have any real strong cravings this week but I am loving milk lately.

Food aversions
Mint.  Granola bars - yuck, any type.

Highlights this week 
We put a deposit down to hold a spot at a daycare this week.  One of my friends that I used to work with at a daycare center has run her own home daycare for several years now.  She is the only person in town that I know who runs a daycare who we 100% trust with the care of our baby.  So, we were pretty excited to find out that she would have an opening in November/December.  

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Nicolle said...

The daycare thing sounds like it is going to work out perfectly. It all seems overwhelming, but little by little everything falls into place! I am glad the nausea has eased up a little bit.

ps. So very sorry to read below about your uncle. Thinking of you and sending up prayers. xo