Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Sunday morning fog photo dump...

Summer was still showing strong at McCrory Gardens...
....but fall was starting to peek through in some places.

There were also lots of cool spiderwebs visible due to the mist from the fog.

Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend recap

Dave and I had a pretty laid back weekend.  We mostly hung out around home to avoid the college move-in crowds.  I did do some baking on Saturday.  I made some zucchini bread which was a total flop.

I think it sat in the mixing bowl too long after it was all mixed up.  It's the only think I can come up with anyway since I used the same recipe I used last year.  I made the pumpkin cream cheese bread too and that turned out really good!

It looked a little flat but I think that's because my pans were a little bigger than they were suppose to be.  It tasted good anyway!  I found the recipe on Pinterest.  Here is the recipe if you are interested.  I didn't do the cinnamon glaze or add in the nuts, and mine only took 40 minutes to bake (you can see all the holes where I tested it...I was a little worried about it coming out so soon).

I also put out my fall decorations on Saturday.  It makes me so happy to have them out.  :o)

We didn't do a whole lot the rest of the weekend.  I took some pictures Sunday morning while it was super foggy out.  I'll try to remember to post some of them later this week.  Otherwise, it was just a quiet, relaxing weekend.

Have a great week!

Friday, August 24, 2012

five for friday

1. Tuesday evening we went to watch our nephew, Conor, in the HS band's fall preview show.  I loved how each section had their own look.  The trombone players had tall birthday hats and angel/butterfly wings.
That's Conor with the blue wings.  :o)

2. Wednesday evening we celebrated my MIL and FIL's 50th anniversary and my FIL's 70th birthday with a family dinner in Sioux Falls.  I took my camera along but I only have a couple not-so-great pictures....of the table....before anyone else arrive.
Yup, totally forgot about my camera after that.   I sat it on a shelf behind me.  Apparently if it's not in my direct line of sight, I don't remember I have it with me.

3.  We have in-service today, Monday, and Tuesday.  The kids start on Wednesday.  I'm so excited to see my students again!!

4. College move-in is this weekend which means Dave and I will be staying home as much as possible.  I'm thinking I might just go ahead and put out my fall decorations this weekend.  I'm also planning to bake some zucchini bread and pumpkin cream cheese bread.  If the pumpkin bread turns out I'll share the recipe.

5. We're going to Minnesota in a couple weeks.  We'll be going to a Twins game and a Vikings game.  I've never been to a NFL game.  It should be an interesting experience since I usually kick my husband out of our place ask my husband to go spend time with his brother and nephew during the games when the Vikings are losing. ;o)  I am pretty excited about the whole trip though!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 20, 2012

weekend recap

We left for Yankton Friday evening to visit Dave's parents and for Riverboat Days.  We woke up to rain and thunder Saturday morning.  It had cleared up a little bit by parade time but it was only 54 degrees and sprinkled off and on.  It was crazy to look around and see people in sweatshirts in August!

We went out to the arts festival around noon and ate...a lot.  I had a pork loin sandwich, half of a footlong corndog, and about half of Dave's funnel cake.  We looked around a little bit at the art booths but didn't buy anything.  We went back to the house to take a nap and sleep off the food coma. :o)

That evening we went out to the dam on the Missouri River to watch the sunset.  I parked in one of the parking areas just before the dam, stuck my keys in my pocket, and got out to take a few pictures.
I gave myself a nice little panic attack later that evening.  When we went to the arts festival, I put some cash in my pocket so I wouldn't have to carry my purse around.  That evening we were going to play mini golf but when I went to pull the cash out of my pocket it was gone.  Ugh, I was sick to my stomach.  We went back to Dave's parent's house to see if it had fallen out...wasn't there.  Dave checked under my car seats...not there.  I NEVER put money in my pockets for this very reason.  I thought I had either $20 or $30 in my just enough that I felt really bad about losing it.  I asked Dave if he wanted to drive back out the river to see if I had dropped it there.  By now it was totally dark and I was thinking that there was no way I would find it.  But, we drove back out anyway.  I pulled in slowly and there it was, lying on the gravel.  Thank God it wasn't windy that night or it would have blown down into the river!  Dave got out and grabbed.....the $50 I had lost.  It apparently had fallen out when I pulled my keys back out of my pocket.  Lesson learned I guess!

Sunday morning we went to church with the family.  Dave's parents received a blessing for their 50th wedding anniversary. (Pictures stolen from my SIL's FB page.)

Hope ya all have a great week!

Monday, August 13, 2012

weekend recap

Dave and I went out for supper Friday night then came home and watched Wanderlust.  I thought it was just ok but Dave thought it was pretty good.

My friend, Tasha, and I went to Sioux Falls on Saturday to do some shopping. We had planned to have lunch with our cousin but she wasn't able to get off work. So anyway, we ate at Johnny Carinos and I got my usual - the endless soup and salad.  I was almost done with my salad (had maybe two bites left) when I looked down and noticed a hair in my salad.  Not only was it a hair, but it looked like the kind that you REALLY don't want to find in your food, if ya know what I mean.  Ew.  Hopefully it was the only one in there.  Anyway, I didn't buy a whole lot while we were shopping but I did pick up some fall scented candles and wallflower refills at Bath&Body Works.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day around here.  Dave went to pick up lunch for us and came home with some flowers for me. :o)

I decided to work on a project later in the day while Dave was at his brother's house.  I had seen some cute fall subway art on Saturday at Gordman's so I thought I'd try to make my own.  I used some wood and paint that I already had so it was totally free....other than the 3 hours of my time and neck/shoulder ache I gave myself from painting on the floor.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

It makes me really anxious to get out my fall decorations!  :o)

Hope ya all have a great week!

Friday, August 10, 2012

five for friday

1. Summer school is over!  We did a 10 week session, which is 4 weeks longer than regular summer school.  I enjoyed it {most of the time} but am so glad to have the next two weeks off before school starts again.

2.  I'm happy to report that I broke the 20 pound weight loss marker this week!  I've lost 21.4 pounds to be exact.  I decided to stop doing the cbdiet posts because I wasn't getting the support from other participants for whatever reason so I feel kind of silly to keep posting about it.  So, I think I'll just update once a month or every two weeks in a regular post.  I haven't had any pop for over 5 months now so that's another another success for me.

3. Tomorrow I'll be heading to Sioux Falls to have a girl's day with my friend, Tasha.  We're planning to do some shopping and meet up with our cousin for lunch.

4.  My mom and I will also be spending some time together next week.  We try to do something together each summer.  We don't have any definite plans set other than to shop and eat. :o)

5.  Fall is coming!!  I'm so excited!  I'm just not a summer person.  I don't enjoy being hot and sweaty.  We're forecasted to have temps in the high 70s the next couple days so it makes me even more excited for fall.  I've been pinning lots of fall pictures and recipes that I'd like to try. Can't wait!

Hope ya all have a great weekend!