Friday, August 24, 2012

five for friday

1. Tuesday evening we went to watch our nephew, Conor, in the HS band's fall preview show.  I loved how each section had their own look.  The trombone players had tall birthday hats and angel/butterfly wings.
That's Conor with the blue wings.  :o)

2. Wednesday evening we celebrated my MIL and FIL's 50th anniversary and my FIL's 70th birthday with a family dinner in Sioux Falls.  I took my camera along but I only have a couple not-so-great pictures....of the table....before anyone else arrive.
Yup, totally forgot about my camera after that.   I sat it on a shelf behind me.  Apparently if it's not in my direct line of sight, I don't remember I have it with me.

3.  We have in-service today, Monday, and Tuesday.  The kids start on Wednesday.  I'm so excited to see my students again!!

4. College move-in is this weekend which means Dave and I will be staying home as much as possible.  I'm thinking I might just go ahead and put out my fall decorations this weekend.  I'm also planning to bake some zucchini bread and pumpkin cream cheese bread.  If the pumpkin bread turns out I'll share the recipe.

5. We're going to Minnesota in a couple weeks.  We'll be going to a Twins game and a Vikings game.  I've never been to a NFL game.  It should be an interesting experience since I usually kick my husband out of our place ask my husband to go spend time with his brother and nephew during the games when the Vikings are losing. ;o)  I am pretty excited about the whole trip though!

Have a great weekend!

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Nicolle said...

I love how you guys support Conor so much. I think that is extra special, and I'm sure he loved you both being there. The table set up looks cute at the restaurant. I'm like you and sometimes get too distracted for pictures! I'm excited for you to see your students. I know how much you love them, and they must love you just as much. I hope you have a great school year! Another friend of mine put up her fall decor a few days ago. I'm about ready to do it too! I think last year I tried to wait until Sept 1, but I didn't make it that long. :) I can almost feel it in the air around here! How far of a drive is it for you to Minnesota? I hope you have a lot of fun. I've only been to one NFL game, the Cowboys, with my dad, many moons ago!