Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend recap

Dave and I had a pretty laid back weekend.  We mostly hung out around home to avoid the college move-in crowds.  I did do some baking on Saturday.  I made some zucchini bread which was a total flop.

I think it sat in the mixing bowl too long after it was all mixed up.  It's the only think I can come up with anyway since I used the same recipe I used last year.  I made the pumpkin cream cheese bread too and that turned out really good!

It looked a little flat but I think that's because my pans were a little bigger than they were suppose to be.  It tasted good anyway!  I found the recipe on Pinterest.  Here is the recipe if you are interested.  I didn't do the cinnamon glaze or add in the nuts, and mine only took 40 minutes to bake (you can see all the holes where I tested it...I was a little worried about it coming out so soon).

I also put out my fall decorations on Saturday.  It makes me so happy to have them out.  :o)

We didn't do a whole lot the rest of the weekend.  I took some pictures Sunday morning while it was super foggy out.  I'll try to remember to post some of them later this week.  Otherwise, it was just a quiet, relaxing weekend.

Have a great week!

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Nicolle said...

I'm glad it was a relaxing weekend for you. I don't blame you for staying put, while the college kids move in! Bummer about your zucchini bread, but the pumpkin and cream cheese bread sounds SO good. I've not had it with cream cheese before. I will look at your recipe. I still have 3 cans of pumpkin from last year. :)

I really was going to put out my fall decor this weekend, but I got so busy, and then got extremely tired yesterday. So, probably this coming week it will go up! I can't wait.

Have a great week.