Monday, August 20, 2012

weekend recap

We left for Yankton Friday evening to visit Dave's parents and for Riverboat Days.  We woke up to rain and thunder Saturday morning.  It had cleared up a little bit by parade time but it was only 54 degrees and sprinkled off and on.  It was crazy to look around and see people in sweatshirts in August!

We went out to the arts festival around noon and ate...a lot.  I had a pork loin sandwich, half of a footlong corndog, and about half of Dave's funnel cake.  We looked around a little bit at the art booths but didn't buy anything.  We went back to the house to take a nap and sleep off the food coma. :o)

That evening we went out to the dam on the Missouri River to watch the sunset.  I parked in one of the parking areas just before the dam, stuck my keys in my pocket, and got out to take a few pictures.
I gave myself a nice little panic attack later that evening.  When we went to the arts festival, I put some cash in my pocket so I wouldn't have to carry my purse around.  That evening we were going to play mini golf but when I went to pull the cash out of my pocket it was gone.  Ugh, I was sick to my stomach.  We went back to Dave's parent's house to see if it had fallen out...wasn't there.  Dave checked under my car seats...not there.  I NEVER put money in my pockets for this very reason.  I thought I had either $20 or $30 in my just enough that I felt really bad about losing it.  I asked Dave if he wanted to drive back out the river to see if I had dropped it there.  By now it was totally dark and I was thinking that there was no way I would find it.  But, we drove back out anyway.  I pulled in slowly and there it was, lying on the gravel.  Thank God it wasn't windy that night or it would have blown down into the river!  Dave got out and grabbed.....the $50 I had lost.  It apparently had fallen out when I pulled my keys back out of my pocket.  Lesson learned I guess!

Sunday morning we went to church with the family.  Dave's parents received a blessing for their 50th wedding anniversary. (Pictures stolen from my SIL's FB page.)

Hope ya all have a great week!

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Nicolle said...

The pictures of the sunset are stunning! I was mesmerized by them. So pretty.

The pork loin sandwich always makes me think of our trips to Iowa. That is such a staple up there, and just not something that is common down here. I love how different areas of the country have foods like that.

Dave's parents are SO cute! What sweet pictures of them.

I'm so glad you found the money. What a blessing that was, that it was still there. I can't believe it was still there! It happens to all of us, but I know what you felt like. You just want to kick yourself.

54 degrees?! I want some of that! :)