Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today's Miscellaneous

I'm so over winter.  Maybe not winter so much but definately over the cold weather.  Today with the wind chill it was 4 degrees at noon...and it felt warm if that tells ya anything about how cold it has been lately.

After lunch recess my boys came back to the room and got ready for handwriting.  They got through their assignments with little whining, which was a bonus.  I turned my back on them for just a minute while I turned on the -SMART Board for social studies.  When I turned back around I realized one of students had left the room without asking.  I walked out toward the drinking fountain and saw that he was filling my water bottle. Before he saw me, I asked him what he was doing.  He turned to me with a huge smile on his face and said, "I filling you bottle." 

Yes, a pretty sweet thing for him to do since he had noticed my bottle was nearly empty.  What he apparently thought was even nicer was that he decided to test out my bottle for me by taking a few drinks before he gave it back. 

I was craving a salad from a local restaurant all day.  Thinking it'd be cheaper, I decided to go to the grocery store and buy some items to make my own for supper. 

I bought this dressing:

I got my salad assembled and decided to give the dressing a try before I actually put it on the salad.  Eww..it was horrible.  So I ran out to Walmart quick to get more dressing because I was determinded to have my salad tonight.  I got three bottles just to be safe...
Luckily all of them were pretty good.  So...$18 later I had my "cheaper than the restaurant" salad.  Should have just gone the easy and cheaper route and called for carry out on the salad I really wanted!

I had this with my salad and it was really good (for a microwave meal).
I cooked mine on the stove though since we don't have a microwave.

Has anyone else been watching this?

It's one of my guilty pleasure shows.  David kind of thinks I'm dumb for watching it.  I wouldn't say he's totally wrong about that one but I watch it anyway.  One of the moms is a South Dakota girl so I'm always trying to spot things I recognize from her area in the show.


Nicolle said...

GIRL, I'm addicted to Teen Mom! Kevin totally makes fun of me. I love it!

I love Green Goddess dressing. Yum. Sorry your first pick was horrible.

How sweet of him to fill your water bottle. That is so cute. I'm sure you would rather he not have tested it though. lol.

Amy said...

I love Teen Mom! And salad. And dressing...and I also hate winter. Blah! :)

Annabelle said...

Hey, Nichole! I sure understand about the cold temperatures. It was 12 here the other day after a couple of below freezing days & I was about ready to break out the shorts! Ah...what a sweetie for refilling your bottle. Thanks...now I want salad! I don't watch Teen Mom but I watch a couple...no, a whole bunch...of shows on Bravo. All the Real Housewives shows, etc. I'm such a reality show junkie! :)

Frizzy and Bird said...

I won't talk about or complain about our weather. I would love to know what the green dressing has in it and tastes like. It's green therefore a little scary for me.

Never heard of the Teen Mom show.