Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week in review...

Monday afternoon we went to our nephew's game (#64).  I don't remember what the score was...something like a lot of points to not many points with Conor's team winning.

I planted some mums on Tuesday afternoon.  Glad I did it that day because we had pretty much nonstop rain from Wednesday through Thursday.  Now I just need to get some pumpkins.  Not sure when we'll get that done though since the fields are all muddy.

Since it was cool and rainy on Wednesday, I baked some cookies after school.  These are my favorite (original Toll House recipe).  I like when they're flat and have the little ripples on the side.

I got my Halloween swap package mailed out on Thursday.  I'll show you what I sent once I'm sure my partner has received her package.

Friday night David and I went out for supper.  Nothing too exciting but it was nice to go out.

This morning I'm watching the Christmas programming on QVC.  90 days to go :o)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Frizzy and Bird said...

CUT IT OUT! You are stressing me out with this holiday countdown. :) Love ya! Will you do some of my shopping for me this a.m?

Nicolle said...

I love your mums! I want to get some, but it's still too warm here. They would not last a week.

Your cookies look so good. Boyd was asking for a cookie today, and we don't have any. :(

I love Christmas stuff on QVC. I will have to watch it soon. We don't buy lots of Christmas gifts, but it's still fun to see everything and of course we decorate, etc....

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Annabelle said...

Your mums look so pretty in that basket. Those cookies sure look yummy! If I wasn't so lazy I'd go make some. :)