Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well I've had my fall stuff out for quite awhile now so I thought I'd show you what I've done before I take it down.  I decided this year I'd decorate for fall in September then take it down to decorate for Halloween in October.  I usually just have the two out together but I decided to do it differently this year.  Then I'll bring some of the fall decor back out in November for Thanksgiving.  Since I don't have much it shouldn't be much work.

Anyway, I don't have a lot of spaces to decorate so I just have little touches wherever I can stick them.  Here's my buffet....it's pretty simple. 

I'm glad to report that everything is slightly stuck to the top of the buffet thanks to my impatience on letting the paint fully dry.  :/  Oh, and as you can see I still haven't turned the upside down handle the right way.  Or redecorated the wall space.  I'll get to it eventually.  Not sure why it looks like there are big dirty marks on the wall either.  Hmm, maybe I need to wipe that wall down.  Something else I'll get to eventually.

Yeah, that's the door to our apartment.  Try not to be jealous of our steel frame and awesome wood grain door.

And that's pretty much it for our fall decor.  We'll probably go get some pumpkins either this weekend or next so I can decorate our patio a bit.  :o)


Annabelle said...

Hey, Nichole! Everything looks comfy & cozy. I love that yellow clock...did you paint it...and the door basket. LOL...I've had stuff stuck to the paint, too. I put my fall stuff out but haven't taken any pictures. Haven't blogged since June because what I was going to post sounded boring even to me! You did a fantastic job on the buffet. :)

It's Always Something Around Here said...

Oh I love all you decorations! I just started putting mine out yesterday. Did you paint that green dresser? I love it.

Frizzy and Bird said...

My fall box has been out since Sat but I've not taken one thing out to put it up. Want to come help autumize my crib for me? It's more fun to do when you have help.

I love all the beautiful touches you've added to your home. You make it feel so warm and inviting.

Nicolle said...

First, I'm totally jealous of that door! :) If you came over to our house, you'd be totally jealous of our rippled carpet that desperately needs to be replaced, our little grubby hand smudged walls, and the baseboards that I NEVER clean! :)))

I truly love seeing all of your decor. It's so cute and gives me some decorating ideas. I am just like you this year...how funny...I put up pumpkins for now....will do halloween only for october, then back to my fall pumpkins through thanksgiving!

have a good day!

The Bella Life said...

I'm loving your little white pumpkins and the pumpkins on your green entry table. I've too found myself not wanting to have Halloween and Fall out at the same time. Luckily fall lasts through November. Ahhhhhh. Love this season!