Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was move-in weekend for SDSU so I tried to hide out at our place as much as possible. David had to work Saturday and Sunday so unfortunately he was out in the crazyness most of the weekend.  I went to the scrapbooking store around noon on Saturday and I didn't venture out again til 9pm to get groceries.

Since I was avoiding the college chaos, I got a lot done around our place.  Here are a few things that I did:
- painted 2 shelves, a clock, 2 lamps, and my chalkboard
-redecorated my kitchen and only spent $12 doing so (I bought a new rug from Kohl's)
-recovered a lamp shade
-got out my fall decor (uh yea, wasn't planning to but I wanted to get just one thing out which turned into everything coming out)
-cleaned off our table (it was driving me nuts)
-cleaned my side of the office so now I can walk to my desk without worrying about breaking or spraining something

I'll show you some pictures this week of some of the things I did.  Well, if I can find some before pictures.  I kind of got in a hurry to do things and forgot to take pictures before I started.

We ended the weekend by having supper at my brother-in-law's Sunday night.  My nephew made a really good vanilla cake with Oreos in it for dessert.  I've never had a cake with Oreos baked in before but it was really yummy!

And just so I don't post without a picture:


Frizzy and Bird said...

That looks like a spot I would love to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea and a book wrapped in a blanket.

Can't wait to see you're projects. I started one of my own that's almost done but is turning into more than I planned. It's never enough for me. LOL

Nicolle said...

The cake sounds yummy. I want to get my fall stuff out too. It's just too hot here still. But, I think tomorrow I will get the boxes down and at least look at it. :)