Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting to Know You

I ran across the MannLand5 blog the other day and thought I'd start joing in the Getting to Know You Sundays.

1. What is YOUR definition of sexy?

Confidence and a sense of humor

2. Would you rather clean up puke or change a poopy diaper?
Neither really bother me....well for kids any way....I would not want to clean up an adult's puke

3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Introvert until I know someone well....then the other side of me comes out

4. If you had to give up one of your 5 senses for a year..which one would you give up?
Taste....I could eat only healthy stuff for a whole year...think of all the pounds that would just fall off!

5. Cake or Pie?
Pie I think....well it depends I guess....I'd definitely choose a piece of chocolate mousse cake over a piece of blueberry pie....

6. If you could play any character on TV (old or current) who would you play?
Only becuase it's my new summer favorite....Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars

7. My favorite website is.....?
Hmm...not sure that I have a favorite.  The three that I'm always logged into are Hotmail, Facebook, and Gmail but I wouldn't say they're my favorites.

8. The highlight of my day is....?
Depends on the day I guess.

1 comment:

Nicolle said...

I'm a cake girl all the way. I will eat pie, but I've never been a fan of it over other desserts.

:) Hope you have a good week!