Friday, June 25, 2010

All in all, a good week.....

What a long week!

*On Tuesday, my BIL had surgery on his hip.  His surgery went very well and he's resting at home.
**My FIL had heart surgery on Wednesday.  His surgery also went well and he's already out and about.  Not sure if this is necessarily a good thing but I'm glad he's feeling and doing well.
***Last night someone broke into my car.  I only noticed because everything that had been in center console was thrown onto the passenger seat.  I don't think they got anything valuable because I don't keep anything of value in there.  Frickin people.
****I can finally eat regular foods again.  Yay!  I was getting really sick of mashed potatoes, pudding, and ice cream.  Ice cream and I don't get along so now I'm feeling really bloated from eating it so often.  I'm sure you wanted to know that, you're welcome!  Plus I packed on 4 lbs in a week from my wonderful carb & sugar packed diet this last week.  Lovely.
*****My hometown is fighting flooding.  The National Guard and some prisoners were called in to help sandbag.  My parents have been running two sump pumps at their house.  I think they are in better shape than some of the other residents in town.  I "stole" some pictures of the flooding off my friend Hillary's FB page...I'm sure she wouldn't mind....hope not anyway!  :o)

About 2 blocks from my parent's house.  If you look towards the middle of the picture you can see the part of the road that isn't flooded.

My brother's employer's land....his house is also on this land.

Country road

Same can really see the road washout in this picture...
The good news is that of this morning the waters seemed to receding.  Bad news is that there may be more rain on the way.

******We are currently under a tornado watch .  Just a watch for now though.
*******I think that's been all of our "excitement" for the week.  :o)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Nicolle said...

I hate to see that about the flooding. I hope it goes away soon and things get back to normal!

I can't believe some ass broke into your car. What a jerk! I guess the joke was on them since they didn't get much. People just amaze me.

Have a good weekend!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Like your new background.

Please stay safe.