Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What do you do....

What do you do when there's a major snow storm heading your way and you have to cancel your Christmas plans?

Bake and decorate cookies and pull out the craft supplies!

My MIL gave me these awesome cookies cutters last year for Christmas and I finally got to use them.

My husband is working tonight so I decide to get crafty. That big empty space is where I plop my butt down to work on projects. We organized our office earlier this year so I wouldn't have to use the living room floor for projects. Unfortunately it has Christmas stuff all over it right now so I'm back to the floor.

I'm all ready for the storm :o) Pretty bummed that we won't be able to spend Christmas with my family but it's always (well, almost always) fun to get snowed in.


Annabelle said...

Hey, Nichole! It's terrible you can't be with your family. I hope y'all don't get too snowed in. All those big storms somehow missed us but it's nasty here today...pouring cold rain on top of the snow we got the other day. More snow tomorrow. Hope you & your husband have a wonderful Christmas! :)

Rona's Home Page said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Love cookie cutters!

Tonya said...

Very cute cookies! What all did you make? We are still basically snowed in. I think this may be about the longest I've ever been in my house. I seriously have not set foot outside at all since the 23rd I think.... Hope you had a Merry Christmas!