Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Valentine's and New Year

So I'm a little out of order when it comes to holidays I guess. :o) I got started on a few Valentine's projects today. I know we're still in December, but ya gotta think ahead right? :o)

Here's my sewing machine set up for the day. I would have done it in the office but the TV in there isn't hooked up and I can't stand sitting in silence. Not ideal but it worked. The only bad part of doing projects in the living room is having to clean up every night instead of being able to just walk away and come back later.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year celebration!


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Oh, that is going to be very cute. I've never really decorated for Valentine's Day, but I'm going to change that this year! I'm a new blogger, so I KNOW I'll find all sorts of inspiration on here!


Nicolle said...

That looks VERY cute!

I just started organizing my holiday decor. I put my Valentine's stuff in it's own box, finally. ha. Even though I'll be getting it back out soon. I have the card you sent last year. It's so pretty!

Happy New Year!

Rambling Girl said...

Love your banner, well the start of it but I am sure it will be super cute! I think I am going to try and get my stuff out this weekend.

Happy New Year!

Frizzy said...

I still have the hearts you made me last year hanging up in our guest bedroom. LOVE THEM! Can't wait to see your finished banner here. Happy New Year to you too!