Friday, December 12, 2008

My Husband Rocks

This will be David and my first Christmas as a married couple. I'm hoping that we start some traditions this year that we can carry throughout our marriage. One tradition that we started last year (as an engaged couple) was picking out ornaments for our tree. We picked out these two last year.

We haven't chosen our ornament(s) yet this year. Hopefully we will get that done next weekend.
We also have the new tradition this year of putting up a photo ornament containing a photo from the year. This year's:

Ornaments may not seem to be a way "my husband rocks" but I love that he will take the time to go shopping for such things with me and to put thought into it. He rocks all the way around when it comes to Christmas. He walks through the Christmas aisles with me, starting in October, every time we go to the store. Things don't change much but I have to walk through the aisles every time we go. He helps me with the Christmas shopping, which is a huge help! He doesn't complain when I listen to only Christmas music starting on Thanksgiving Day until Christmas day. He says nothing when I watch the same 4 or 5 Christmas movies over and over during the month of December. He willingly drives me around town a few times during the month so I can look at the Christmas lights. There are so many little things that mean a lot because he does them to add a little more magic into Christmas for me.

One more reason......this is David making homemade tortillas this past week for our chicken tacos. They were so good, and he made it all himself :o)

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ella said...

Yes, yes, keep going with the ornaments. You'll love to look back as your collection grows. I buy 3 matching ornaments every year for each of my kids and I write their name and the year on the back with a sharpie. When they leave home (sniff!) I'll send them off with their own collection of ornaments to start out with.

Jodi said...

A great tradition you've started! You will love it more each year as you get more and more ornaments.

Your husband rocks!!!
(My post is late, once again!)

Nicolle said...

I love the tradition of picking out the ornaments. For some reason, that slipped by my husband and me. But we're starting it with our son now.

You have a great husband!

Katie said...

Your ornaments are beautiful! My hubby and I started a similar tradition on our honeymoon (this is our first married Christmas too).

Your hubby sounds so sweet. Homemade tortillas??? Like, from scratch? How do you even do such a thing???

Rambling Girl said...

Yep your hubby rocks from what all you said...hard to find men like that...

Love your ornaments...we also collect some each year to. You will love looking back after the years pass on by and the kids come and you can tell the stories behind them...what fun that is!

The Muse said...

Sounds like you are well on your way to creating Christmas memories and having your own traditions!....And let me say Kudos to your hubby (as well as mine) LOL

At our house it is all hands to Christmas Stations LOL