Sunday, May 11, 2014

week 20

Baby’s size
Your baby is now the size of a small artichoke. She may have thin eyebrows and is sprouting some hair on her head.
Baby's Length: 6.46 in.
Baby's Weight: 10.58 oz.

How I am feeling
I had another good week this week. I still have the coughing with puking sensation going on but everything else is pretty good. My shoulders are pretty sore from side sleeping all the time so I'll be going in for a massage soon.

What do I miss
Being able to sleep comfortably.

Gender prediction
Well, we had our anatomy scan on Friday.  Baby wasn't cooperating very well for some of the pictures that the tech needed but he did give us a good view of his boy parts after she jiggled my belly around a bit. :o)  We weren't able to get the 3D picture of his face because he kept it towards my back the whole time.  The tech had me get up and walk around for awhile to see if he'd turn but he never did.  He also liked to keep his feet up by his head so he definitely made the tech work for her pictures.  We do have to go back in four weeks for another look so the tech can get all the pictures and measurements.  I told her I wasn't too heartbroken about coming back and seeing the baby again. :o)

Food cravings
Nothing much here this week.  I've been pretty boring in this category so far.

Food aversions
No changes here.

Highlights this week 
*Top highlight was definitely seeing the baby again.  I told Dave that I thought it'd be an emotional experience for me but since I didn't know what I was looking at half the time it wasn't overly emotional.
*Finally knowing the gender!!
*My mom and I went shopping Saturday for baby stuff.  I bought a few decor items for the nursery that I love and we got a few clothing items.  Sidenote: I was so disappointed/frustrated while shopping for clothes.  There were tons of cute things for girls and then just a tiny section of boys clothes in every store we went into.  Then, all the boys stuff was covered in 1 of 4 things: animals, sayings, sports stuff, or trucks.  I don't mind some of that stuff but I don't want those to be the only things the poor kid wears.

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Nicolle said...

GIRL, let me tell you, it's hard shopping for boys. I hear your frustration. Anywhere you go you will find 5 x more girl stuff than boy. I hate it but it's the truth. We need to come up with our own line of cute boy clothes! :)