Sunday, May 4, 2014

week 19

Baby’s size
Your baby is now about the size of a mango. His legs are now longer than his arms, and he'll start giving you "hello" jabs at regular intervals, which you may be able to feel if this is your second or third pregnancy. First-time moms still might not feel anything for a few more weeks.
Baby's Length: 6.02 in.
Baby's Weight: 8.47 oz.

How I am feeling
I had a good week.  I was super tired all week long but so were my co-workers so I think it had more to do with the dreary weather than anything.  Sundays seem to be my worst day, for whatever reason.  I'm always more tired with more nausea and headaches.  Dave and I went grocery shopping this morning and I coughed a few times and I could not get my stomach to settle down after that.  I told Dave if I coughed again, I was going to puke all over the floor.

What do I miss
Sleeping on my stomach.  I've always been most comfortable on my stomach but not anymore.  I have these two hard-ish spots near my top ribs and the pressure on those bother me more than the pressure on my stomach.

Gender prediction
Well, this will hopefully be my last post where this is a category.  We go in Friday afternoon for the anatomy scan and I'm really hoping baby cooperates so we can find out the gender.  Dave is still holding strong with his boy prediction.  I'm really thinking girl.  One of us is going to be very surprised. :o)

Food cravings
No cravings this week but I am loving milk.

Food aversions
Nothing really though I did have to dump my cereal out this morning after a few bites because I just couldn't handle it.

Highlights this week
*The countdown to the anatomy scan.
*I think I figured out color schemes for both a boy and a girl nursery.  My mom and I will be going shopping this coming Saturday as long as baby shows us what gender it is.  Time to start the baby shopping! 

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Nicolle said...

I can't wait to see what you buy and how you decorate. I'm SO excited, and I know I'm wearing that out because I keep saying it. :)

I remember how much I couldn't wait to give birth and sleep on my stomach again. You'll be there before you know it!