Sunday, April 6, 2014

week 15

Baby’s size
Your baby is now the size of an apple. His brain now controls all the muscles in her body; he is able to move. Yes, he'll even do somersaults! But if this is your first baby, you probably won't feel him moving for several more weeks.
Baby's Length: 3.98 in.
Baby's Weight: 2.47 oz.

How I am feeling
Well, this is the first week that I've really felt pregnant.  Every time I stand up, I feel a heaviness in my uterus...a good reminder that there really is a baby in there since my mind is having a hard time grasping that concept.  My stomach has also seemed to have grown this week since some of my shirts are becoming shorter.  I checked my weight yesterday because I was sure I must have put on at least 5 pounds this week but I'm up less than two pounds since my first doctor visit.

My energy level is good and overall I'm feeling well.  I did have some bad headaches around 8-8:30 a few times this week so I just went to bed early to relieve them.

What do I miss
There's still not really anything to put in this category right now.

Gender prediction
Dave - boy       Me - girl

Food cravings
I had the worst craving for a McDonald's chicken sandwich at lunch on Friday.  It stuck with me throughout the afternoon so I grabbed one for supper that night.  Otherwise, nothing has been too overwhelming.

Food aversions
Thankfully nothing is bothering me at this point.

Highlights this week 
It was a pretty quiet week so nothing to write here.

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Nicolle said...

It's so cool when you really start to feel pregnant. I'm glad you had a pretty quiet week, those are the best with a pregnancy! xo