Sunday, April 20, 2014

week 17

Baby’s size
Your baby is now the size of a pear. He has hiccuped before, but this is the first time you might feel it.
Baby's Length: 5.12 in.
Baby's Weight: 4.94 oz.

How I am feeling
This week was pretty good.  I still had some nausea hanging on and I didn't have a lot of energy.  I was tired over the holiday weekend, taking a long nap on Saturday and a short one today.  

I've had a weird thing going on for the past couple weeks where every time I cough, I feel like I'm going to puke all over.  It just takes a couple of deep breaths to settle everything down but it's not super fun.

I definitely feel pregnant.  I told Dave tonight that for as heavy as this kid is already, I'm really afraid of how big its head is going to be.  I'm terrified of labor and delivery at this point (might do a separate post on that later) and some of it is because I'm afraid our kid is going to have a giant melon.

What do I miss
Nothing as of now.

Gender prediction
Dave - boy   Me- I was feeling very strongly this week that it is a girl.  Then, I did the ring test at my mom's over the weekend and it came out boy.  Now I'm second-guessing myself.  Three more weeks and we'll know for sure (hopefully).

Food cravings
This week I had a craving for frog eye salad.  My mom it for me for Easter lunch and even sent some home with us. :o)

Food aversions
I can't think of anything that bothered me this week.

Highlights this week
*Pretty sure I felt some kicks this week.  They were more on the side of -I'm pretty sure that's what it is-  rather than -I wonder if that's what it is. 
*I had my 16 week appointment (a week late) on Friday.  Loved getting to hear the heartbeat again (at 156 bpm while I was there).
*My blood pressure was great once again.  This is a highlight because I have white coat syndrome something fierce so my blood pressure is almost always high at the start of any doctor appointment.  Luckily, so far, I have had great numbers at all my OB appointments.
*The nurse told me they put an order in for our 20 week ultrasound at the hospital and that I should be getting a call from them soon to schedule the appointment.  So excited to see the baby again, find out if everything developed as it should (a little nervous about this), and find out the gender!
*Spending time with my family over the Easter weekend.

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