Monday, February 18, 2013

weekend recap

I looked out the window shortly after I woke up Saturday morning and saw everything was covered with a thick layer of frost so I went out to take some pictures. 

I stopped to visit some horses while I was out.  Last winter I tried to get some pictures of these horses but they were not interested in me at all and ran to the other side of the pasture.  They were much friendlier this year and stopped eating to come see what I was doing.

I wish this one was a little clearer but I like it anyway.

Dave and I went to Sioux Falls later that morning to do my six month ring cleaning.  We stopped to get gas and drinks before leaving town.  I grabbed these chips to try.

Ew. I ate one chip and that was enough.

We did a little shopping while in town but didn't buy much.  We went to visit my grandma (the one who turned 100 a couple months ago).  She had a mini-stroke Friday night/Saturday morning.  We didn't stay very long because we could tell that she was exhausted but was trying to be a good hostess and stay awake while she had company.

We went to my BIL's house Sunday to help celebrate our niece and nephew's birthdays. 

We spent a few hours there.  Sarah and I went out to take a few pictures but it was windy and chilly so we didn't stay out long.

Have a great week!


Nicolle said...

I'm sorry about your grandma. ;(
I had seen those chips and wondered about them. Won't buy them now, for sure.
Love your pictures! The horses are so beautiful, and your frost pictures are amazing. I especially love that 2nd one.
Hope you are enjoying your extra day off!

Anonymous said...

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