Friday, February 8, 2013

cheers to the freakin' weekend

I've had that song in my head since I woke up today for some reason.

I can't believe it's already Friday afternoon! This week went so quickly but hey, I'm not complaining!

I don't think I've mentioned that some of my coworkers and I are doing a wellness challenge.  Each week we have to weigh-in and report if we gained/lost and if we exercised 3x the past week.  We have to pay in $2 for gaining and $2 for not exercising 3x.  I had to pay in $4 this week.  I really need to get my @ss in gear!!  I saw this on Pinterest last night and offered it to one of my coworkers as our new diet plan (we'd both been talking yesterday how we're struggling).

We don't have much planned for the weekend.  That's ok since we already have a blizzard watch posted for Sunday. 

Maybe I'll do some baking....though that would not help my weigh-in next week.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Nicolle said...

Haha, I love that ecard. Kevin and I were just talking today, we're going to start doing a workout each morning. I think it's called The Zone? Anyway, it's just 12 minutes, but it's intense. I'm actually looking forward to it. I think. :)

Oh enjoy that snow, and staying warm at home. I think we're expecting thunderstorms.

Have a good weekend!