Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my new favorite snack

This is probably one of my favorite food pins.  That's saying a lot because I have pinned a lot of recipes that are really good but not so healthy.  This one is super simple and healthy too!

So you take this...

Slice up the apples thinly then juice the orange and lemon over top.  Let it soak for awhile.  That's it. 

I have been using half of a lemon because the oranges I bought aren't very sweet.



Nicolle said...

That combination sounds really good. I will try it! I love my apples sliced super thin as well.

Megan said...

My mom always used orange juice to keep sliced apples from browning (it gives them a nice little twang, too). She'd just make a pitcher of frozen orange juice and float them in it until it was time to serve.