Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall!!

I know I've said this before but I'll say it again -  fall makes me happy! 

There are so many things I enjoy during this wonderful season:

pumpkin picking
stepping on crunchy leaves
wearing sweaters
enjoying cool temperatures
hot chocolate drinking
eating Halloween candy
cuddling under a cozy blanket
football watching
giving thanks at Thanksgiving
decorating for the holidays

Ahhhh....I LOVE this time of year!!  Maybe it's just because the heat is gone and I'm not so crabby ;o) 

For anyone who may be mourning the passing of summer, here's a few fall photos to get you in the mood for fall.

Hope ya all have a great weekend!!

1 comment:

Nicolle said...

I love your list, and I LOVE fall! Yay. I'm so glad it's here. I love that blue truck photo. Those colors are gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

ps. I'm dying to know who your visitor is from Ottumwa, IA on your tracker. Kevin's family is from that small town and I've visited numerous times. :)