Friday, May 27, 2011

30 to 31

Did anyone else have a hard time going from 30 to 31?  Today is my birthday and I'm having a hard time with it this year for some reason.  I've pretty much always thought age is just a number and never really understood why people lied about their age, got depressed around their birthdays, etc. 

Last year I had a little bump in the road when I turned 30....nothing like this year though.  I don't think it's really the number that bothers me so much as that I look back and feel like I should have accomplished more by this point. 

Ugh...midlife crisis at that possible? 


Amy said...

Happy Birthday!

I had issues turning 30, after that I was fine until I hit 40 but turning 41 was different so I know how you feel.

Nicolle said...

Happy Birthday! :)

I get emotional each birthday, but I am not sure if it's the number or not. I know this sounds silly, but since I lost my dad, I miss him the most on MY birthday.

I'm a nervous wreck about being 40 in a couple more years tho. aggghhh!!

Nicolle said...

Oh, and that picture is hilarious!!!!

Frizzy said...

30 was really hard for me. The thing that stares me in the face now is that I'm closer to 50 than I am to 20. YIKES!

Things to Do said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And I turned 31 on Saturday, I didn't have nearly as hard of a time turning 31 as I did 30. However, I totally had my midlife crisis at 25.